GoriSketch Project

Collectible sketches NFTs with a unique stroke of life.

What are the GoriSketch Project?

An extraordinary person sometimes see things that the average person cannot see with their naked eye. This is mainly because of the way that they think is very distinct from the ordinary person.

Every so often Art is very hard to comprehend. However, when things are aligned and you finally really understand the Art that you are looking at then it can become something fascinating and astounding.

The Gorisketch project is created by Gori an artist from Indonesia, she started drawing her artworks since 2010. As an autistic individual herself, Gori acknowledges the difficulties of adapting to modern society. That is why with this project it is Gori’s special goal to help the autistic society in Indonesia. Proceeds from Gorisketch project will be contributed to the community of autistic children. We want to help them find their passions and aiding them in finding their own career paths.